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Changing or Cancelling Your 8x8 Number Transfer


Making changes to or cancelling your 8x8 number transfer.

Applies To

  • Number Transfer


We would always recommend placing your port request only when you are fully ready to move to the 8x8 platform. The number porting process involves multiple parties so any changes to in-flight requests carry the risk of impacting the service of your telephone numbers. In the event that your port date needs to be postponed, or cancelled, our Global Number Porting team will always aim to ensure that the service of your telephone numbers is impacted as little as possible.

Please find below further details about the options available to you if your telephone numbers are scheduled to port to 8x8 and the requested porting date is no longer suitable.

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1. Notice Period

How much advance notice is needed to change or cancel a number port to 8x8?

Request Type Scenario Notice Period
Cancellation My port request is accepted but I no longer want the number to port. How much notice do I need to give to cancel the port date?  3 business days
Date Change My port request is accepted but the scheduled date is not suitable. How much notice do I need to give to postpone the port date?  3 business days

These timelines apply to individual port orders in USA, Canada, UK & Ireland.

If you are porting numbers to 8x8 in another country and would like more detail on the applicable notice periods please get in touch with our team via your case. Also take a look at the Exceptions section below for some of the notable cases where these timelines do not apply.

If you have multiple port requests then we would recommend allowing extra time for any amendments to take place.

2. How To Request

How do I place a request for the 8x8 number porting team to cancel or change my port date?

Contact Method Instructions
My 8x8 - Open your 8x8 support portal and select Support to view your cases.
- Open your Number Transfer Request case.
- Add a comment with your request.
Phone - Call our 8x8 Support team and provide your case reference.
- Ask that your cancellation/change request is added to your case.

Our Number Porting team will then aim to send your request to the current provider within 1 business day.

3. Limitations

What else do I need to be aware of when cancelling or changing my number port?

  • Approval Needed
    • All cancellation/change requests are at the discretion of the existing carrier. Where sufficient lead time is provided these requests are typically successful, but at times we may ask you to contact your current provider if they are rejecting or not responding to our requests.
  • Change Lead Time
    • When placing a date change request, even though your port order has been approved by the current provider, we still need to allow sufficient lead time. When selecting the new date we typically need to allow at least 10 business days. 
  • Change Limit
    • We can support up to two date changes on any port request (if changes are permitted in the country). If for any reason the port date is still unsuitable after two date changes then we would need to cancel the order, and replace a new port request with full lead time. 

4. Exceptions

In certain countries, number porting can be less flexible when it comes to cancellations or changes. Please see below the notice periods required for the most notable examples. 

Country Cancellations Date Changes
Germany 11 business days 11 business days
Italy Not Possible Not Possible
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