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Number Porting Typical Lead Times


This article will outline the typical lead times to be expected when placing a number port request with 8x8.

Please note that all estimates provided here are guidelines only. Our team are dedicated to making your number porting experience as quick and smooth as possible, but it is important to highlight that most porting requests involve multiple providers and can therefore be delayed by factors outside our control. 

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Porting to 8x8

  • Step One - Submit the port request via 8x8 Admin Console and you will receive a case reference in the format: C1234567.
  • Step Two - Varies based on location:
    • USA & Canada - Skip step two
    • UK, Ireland & the rest of the world - You will receive an email titled 'Number Transfer Request' as shown below. Please find the required documentation on this link, for the relevant country. Once the paperwork is gathered and completed please reply to the email or upload documents to your case via the 8x8 Support Portal. 
  Snip - Number Transfer Request Email.JPG
  • Step Three - We will validate your request and get in touch via your case to advise if any further information is required before we can proceed.
  • Step Four - We will submit your port request to the current provider targeting your preferred date or, if this is unavailable, the earliest available date.

From this point the lead time for your port request will depend on the country, carrier, volume of numbers and the accuracy of the information provided on your porting documentation. For the best estimate of how long your port request will take to be completed once it has been submitted to the current provider please see below for a breakdown of the minimum lead times.

Minimum Lead Times

Below are the minimum lead times for number porting with 8x8. These estimates assume that accurate information is supplied upon submission of the port request in Admin Console & on any supporting documentation. If your port request is rejected by the current provider, based on the information supplied, then the process must be restarted and the lead time resets.

USA & Canada
1 - 49 local numbers 7 business days
50+ local numbers 15 business days
Toll Free numbers 3 business days


UK & Ireland
1 number 11 business days
2 - 49 numbers 15 business days
50 - 149 numbers 20 business days
150+ numbers 25 business days
Rest of the World

The lead times vary significantly on a country by country basis. For most we would recommend allowing at least 20 business days. If you would like to know the typical lead time for a specific country please submit the port request and, when contacted by our number porting team, ask for more detail on the expected time frame.

Other Porting Timescales 

Please see below the other number porting actions for which lead times apply.

*Note. These processes are mostly applicable worldwide, but they can differ from country to country. For example, ports in Italy cannot be changed or cancelled once accepted. Please get in touch with our team via your case, if you are porting numbers outside USA, Canada, UK & Ireland and you would like more detail on the lead times below.

Process Scenario Lead Time
Cancellation My port request is accepted but I no longer want the number to port. How much notice do I need to give to cancel the port date? 

3 business days

Date Change My port request is accepted but the scheduled date is not suitable. How much notice do I need to give to change the port date? 

3 business days

Rejections My port request has been rejected by the current provider. How long will my request remain open for revised information to be provided?

5 business days

Porting Away from 8x8

To port your 8x8 telephone numbers away to a new provider, the port request would need to be initiated via your new provider.

To establish the correct information to be included on your port request you can raise a 'CSR request' with 8x8.
To check a rejection which your new provider has received from 8x8 you can raise a 'Port Out Rejection' with 8x8.
To change the company/address details your numbers are registered to you can raise a 'Carrier Records Update' with 8x8.

Please see below the typical lead times for how long your Port Out case will take to be completed. Please note that if multiple actions are required then multiple lead times will apply.

CSR Requests
Countries Involved Volume of Numbers Lead Time
Single country 1 - 199 numbers 7 business days
Single country 200+ numbers 10 business days
Multiple countries Any Lead time will vary based on volume & countries involved
Port Out Rejection
Single Country Any 7 business days
Multiple Countries Any Lead time will vary based on volume & countries involved
Carrier Records Update
Single country 1 - 199 numbers 7 business days
Single country 200+ numbers 10 business days
Multiple countries Any Lead time will vary based on volume & countries involved

Spoofing (8x8 Work)

If you need to present non-8x8 numbers as the outbound caller ID when making calls from 8x8 Work, you will first need to submit a spoofing authorisation request. For more details please click here.

Please see below for the best estimate of how long your spoofing request will take to be completed.

Spoofing / Outbound Caller ID Requests (8x8 Work)
1 - 10 numbers 3 business days
11 - 49 numbers 5 business days
50+ numbers Lead time will vary based on volume
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