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Can I select a date to port numbers to 8x8?


Can I select a date to port numbers to 8x8?

Applies To

  • Port Requests
  • Configuration Manager


The preferred porting date selector allows you to gain control over when your numbers transfer over to 8x8. When submitting a port request you will have the option of selecting a requested date for the numbers to transfer over. We take into account a few different factors when presenting the dates to give you a reasonable expectation of when the port request can happen. Your numbers will port on or after the date selected. 



Here are some tips that will increase the likelihood of your numbers porting on the date selected:

  • Contact your former provider to get a customer Service Record (CSR) before submitting, this will have all the information necessary to port your numbers to 8x8, having this on hand as you enter information for the requests can help reduce rejections.
  • Submit individual port requests for each carrier that you are porting from.
  • Submit individual port requests for each set Area codes and prefixes which are the first 6 numbers in a number.
    • Example 1: 408-555-2722 and 408-555-2723 should be submitted on the same request.
    • Example 2: 408-555-2722 and 525-555-2723 should be submitted on separate requests.
    • Example 3: 555-555-2722 and 555-454-2723 should be submitted on separate requests.
  • Select a date that's at least 10 days out. Losing carriers have 10 business days to respond to a port request in typical situations. If you select a date within 10 days, you increase the chance that we will not hear back from the losing provider until after your requested port date

Additional Information

While the Preferred Porting Date selector will give you reasonable estimates for when we can expect the port requests larger or complex requests can often take significantly more time this article details the expected porting timelines for various quantities and reigons.

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