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If you have a question about number porting with 8x8, follow the links below to find more information. 

  Porting To 8x8  
Admin Console Guides Changes & Cancellations Contact Us
Documentation Lead Times & Scheduling Spoofing Non 8x8 Numbers
Loss of Service Migrating within 8x8 Porting Away From 8x8



Porting To 8x8

Here you can find more detail on the process of moving telephone numbers from a different provider to 8x8.

If you have numbers in the USA or Canada and are interested in our Managed Porting service please see below:

Changes & Cancellations 

When porting your telephone numbers to 8x8 we always want to achieve a porting date which suits you. If your number porting has been scheduled for a date which is no longer ideal then the below details may help explain what options are available.

Contact Us

If you have a question which isn't covered here, or you need to get in touch with us regarding an existing case, please see below for how to seek further support from our team.

If your Number Transfer Request is already being handled by a member of our Global Number Porting team then we aim to reply to any queries raised via your case within 24 hours.


Number porting always requires specific paperwork to be prepared before the request can be sent to the current provider. Different countries and types of numbers will mostly require different paperwork. Here you can see what documentation you will need to port your numbers to 8x8.

Lead Times & Scheduling

Different number porting requests and activities carry a variety of lead times & scheduling options.
For an idea of the minimum timeframe you should expect for your request please see the information below. You can also find detail here on the days & times that number porting is available.

Spoofing Non 8x8 Numbers

If you have a telephone number with another provider which you would like to display on outbound calls from the 8x8 platform the details here will help explain the steps involved.

Loss of Service

Here you can find information about what to do if you encounter an outage related to number porting. We hope you never need to check the topic outlined here, but if you do experience a problem this article may help you fix the issue.


Migrating within 8x8

If you already have telephone numbers with 8x8, and need to move them to a different 8x8 account, then you can find more information about internal 8x8 migrations here.

Porting Away From 8x8

If you are moving your numbers away from 8x8, to a new service provider, you may find the below details helpful.

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