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Porting to 8x8: How do I port a large amount of numbers to 8x8?


This article details on what's required in order to port a large quantity of numbers to 8x8. This process requires the assistance of a porting coordinator to ensure a smooth transition of all numbers. A Porting project is often more complex than a standard number transfer order and as such, it is vital that you read and follow the requirements and guidelines and collect the necessary documentation.

Applies To 

  • Porting
  • Large Number Pools


For customers porting lots of numbers or porting complex sets of numbers, 8x8 takes additional care to ensure they port over successfully and consistently. Follow the processes below to learn more. If you're porting a small quanity of numbers learn how to submit a number transfer request in your account.

What's considered a large amount of numbers?

  • 50 numbers or more porting at the same time
  • Porting from different carriers 
  • When porting more than 30 total numbers with 2 or more carriers and each carrier has more than 10 numbers and the port needs to happen at the same time
  • When porting more than 30 total numbers and you have more than 10 of those numbers in different prefixes or service addresses and the port needs to happen at the same time

Please note that these services may incur an additional charge, please reach out to your sales agent for more information

Documentation & Information

Before you begin this process you must collect the following information. While only some are marked as required, the more documentation you provide the lower chance there is for delays or carrier rejections.

Required Documentation

  1. A completed letter of authorization for each service address and carrier 
  2. A completed mapping document
  3. A copy of your most recent bill from each carrier is only required for Toll free and international (must be within 30 days of request submission)
  4. An ideal date for the numbers to transfer over
    • Most Number Transfer Projects typically take between 15 and 21 business days (if all submitted information is correct). Keep in mind that while we will try our best, we cannot guarantee any port date until we hear back from your carrier(s). This date also depends on the quantity & country of numbers being ported.
    • If any of the information submitted does not match what your former provider has on file it will restart the clock, it is vital that you collect accurate information to the best of your ability 
Completing the Mapping Document 

The mapping document is important as it tells us where your numbers need to end up. Follow the guidelines on how to fill it. Please note that the document must be fully and accurately completed before we can process your request. If you'd like to watch a recording on how to complete the mapping document, click here.

Please download the form and fill out the following columns in Excel:

  • Number to Port - The number that you are planning to port to 8x8, 1 number per line make sure to include the country code and area code. EX 14086445454
  • Temporary Number - The number on your 8x8 system that we are replacing with the porting number 
  • Product - The product you are transferring the number to. This is most commonly Virtual office, or Virtual Contact Center
  • Carrier - this is the name of your former provider. EX Comcast business
  • Billing Telephone # - The billing telephone number for your former provider. This is typically the main number on your account, but please verify with your provider to ensure the correct information.
  • Business Name - The name of your business according to your former provider
  • Address (If there's multiple) - This is the service address for that phone number, if all the numbers have the same service address this only needs to be listed once
  • Authorized name - The name of the authorized contact for the former provider
  • Account Number (Optional) - If available, the account number with your current provider
  • Notes (Optional) - Any notes regarding the specific number if needed to be mentioned

Recommended documentation

  • A copy of the bill for US Local Numbers
  • A complete Customer Service Record from the former provider. This includes phone numbers, activity history, business and personal information like name and address, and account number

Submitting your request

Once all documentation has been collected and you have your date in mind for the port, it's time to start the process

  • If you're working with an Implementation or Deployment agent, send the documentation to the for review.
  • If you have not purchased implementation services we may require the purchase of our Managed Local Number Porting service in order to properly assist you. For more information on this service refer here.

Once the documentation has been received by the porting team they will start the process to move your numbers over to 8x8


What happens if my order is rejected?

If your port request is rejected, you will receive a notification (email or phone call) from your 8x8 porting project coordinator. We’ll provide instruction on how best to immediately resolve the rejection. Please note, if the Customer Service Record (CSR) is received prior to porting, it will lessen the possibility of rejection by your current provider.

A rejection will restart the clock on your number port request. Always make sure you have the most recent information with your provider before submission.

What should I expect on the day of Port?

The time ports will complete is entirely carrier dependent. We are, however, sensitive to your business needs, if you need a set time, please communicate that with your project coordinator. We will try our best to accommodate your requested time if it is in line with carrier hours.

8x8 Admin Console or Account Manager (UC)

  • When your numbers are released to 8x8, your porting coordinator will start to activate the numbers. This process will only take a few minutes 
  • Once activated, all 8x8 temporary numbers will be replaced by your ported numbers, based on the information provided in the User Mapping document. 
  • If numbers aren't assigned to any user or service, you will hear a busy tone (depending on the call). Please make sure your numbers are configured and assigned to the correct destination (User, Auto Attendant, or Ring Group).

Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

  • When the port request is submitted, your numbers are provisioned on your Virtual Contact Center account (tenant) as a new channel.
  • You MUST attach a script to each channel and enable the channel prior to porting.
  • If channels associated with your numbers are not enabled, your customer will hear the following: “The number is currently not activated.”
  • If the channels are enabled, but no script is attached, the call will have no message and the call will drop (disconnect)


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