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French Caller ID Blocked


My French Caller ID is being blocked when I try to call into France.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • International Numbers
  • Numbers beginning with 01, 05, and 09


As of 8/1/19, operators in France are permitted to block calls using geographical numbers (starting with 01 to 05) or multi-purpose numbers (starting with 09) originated by end-users outside of the French territory.

This is a policy mandated by the French regulator, ARCEP (see Article 7.4.4 of Decision No. 2018-0881 - in French, see below for English translation of applicable section). 

“...calls or messages received via an international interconnection, Arcep considers that operators are in principle justified in interrupting the routing of calls or messages with a geographic or non-geographic number as identifier caller or issuer if these calls or messages do not comply with the territoriality, that is to say where there is no indication that the operator of the number (the successful tenderer, the depositary or the receiving operator of the number) certifies that these calls or messages respect the conditions of use.”

Additional Information

For more information, see the ARCEP's announcement of this policy.

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