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Loss of Service

Loss of Service

Please refer to this article if you need information on what to do in the event your telephone number loses service on the date it is scheduled to transfer to 8x8.

Number transfer (porting) involves multiple parties and requires your telephone numbers to be added to their new network and platform, whilst being removed from the previous systems. During this process, it is normal for your telephone number(s) to experience up to 15 minutes of downtime on the day of your port.

If your telephone numbers lose service for more than 15 minutes please follow the steps below.  

Step 1: Check Assignment

Firstly, please check the affected number is assigned to a user/service on 8x8 Admin Console.

Log into your 8x8 Admin Console and navigate to 'Phone Numbers'.

Search for the affected number, using the international dialing code (i.e. +1 USA, +44 UK) and check the Number Status, as shown below. If the number is 'Available' please assign the number to the relevant user/service before testing again.

If the number is 'Assigned' please proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Test Calls

Internal Testing

If the affected number is assigned, please try calling it from an existing 8x8 number/account. If your calls do not work correctly when calling from one 8x8 telephone number to another then it would suggest an issue exists with the configuration of the user/service on your 8x8 account. In this case please check the settings of the service your porting number is assigned to, and reach out to 8x8 Technical Support if you need assistance in checking the issue.

If your calls internally on the 8x8 platform are working, then please move onto external testing (see below).

External Testing

Please try calling the affected number from any non-8x8 telephone number, as this will test if calls outside the 8x8 platform are being routed correctly from the relevant network carrier to 8x8. If your external test calls are failing to connect then please perform 3x test calls (ideally from multiple telephone numbers).

- Number called from:
- Network called from:     (the provider for the number you made the test call from)
- Number called to: 
- Call date & time:
- Call result:                     (for example: Failed/Beeps Continuously/Reaches Incorrect Service)

Please make a note of these details as we will need test call examples to investigate further.

Step 3: Let us know!

If your telephone numbers have been without service for 15 minutes or more please do let us know so that we can troubleshoot on our side, and work to identify the actions needed to get you back online as soon as possible. Please click here for information on how to contact 8x8 Support, or how to update your number transfer case.

We would strongly recommend reporting the loss of service via your Number Transfer case, with the 3x test call examples, so that we can identify the root cause as quickly as possible. Once your loss of service has been reported we will be in touch within 1 hour with next steps, or ideally a resolution.

There are several potential reasons for a service outage during a number port, and often the solution will require action from the previous network carrier. If we do need action from the previous carrier then we will ensure they are notified of the outage, and we will follow up regularly until the necessary action is taken.

Step 4: Additional Checks

If the above steps have been completed then our Global Number Porting team will now be working to investigate and resolve your loss of service. Whilst we identify the issue please also perform the following checks.

Check other priority numbers porting today
If you are transferring multiple numbers to 8x8 then please also test any other high priority numbers. When a loss of service is reported we will check the relevant port order, and any others you have taking place that day, but where possible we will prioritise telephone numbers you highlight as most important.

Check for call diverts
Please check and let us know if you have any call diverts active with your current provider or in the 8x8 platform. Forwarding calls to an alternative destination, or the current provider removing call diverts on the day of port, can cause unexpected test results so please do let us know if any diverts are involved.

Check the port date for the affected number
If you are transferring your telephone numbers to 8x8 across multiple port dates please check the affected number is due to port today. If the number is scheduled to port at a later date then the loss of service would need to be reported to the current provider.

Step 5: Resolution

The timeline for restoring service will vary based on the root cause, but we will always work towards a fix as quickly as possible. Once a loss of service is reported we will keep you updated on any developments & actions taken, via your Number Transfer case, until a resolution is achieved.

Most outages are resolved during the same day, but on rare occasions there may be action outstanding from another provider, or network carrier, when their opening hours have ended. In this case, we will let you know when their business hours resume and will follow up with them the following business day.

When our testing indicates the issue has been resolved we will ask you to perform new test calls to ensure that the affected number is now working as expected.

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