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8x8 Support

Dialing 1 Before Area Code for Local Numbers in US and Canada


Understand the requirement to add "1" when dialing local numbers.

Applies to

  • 988
  • 933
  • Voice Solutions
  • Contact Center
  • North America Numbering Plan


  • This is in accordance with FCC Mandate to allow dialing of Suicide Prevention hotline 3-digit code 988.
  • This also adds support for 3-digit code 933 to be used by 911 services and provides the ability to receive the exact information that would be delivered to 911 operators when you dial 911.
Important-Icon.png Accidentally dialing 988 or 933, even if it was dialed incorrectly, will route the call immediately to their respective North America Numbering Plan approved destination. 

The Order requires covered providers to implement mandatory 10-digit dialing in NPAs that use both 7-digit dialing, 933, and 988 as an NXX.

NANP has published a list here, below is an image capture of the list from PL556.