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Fax as a Service (FaaS) Case Creation


How to create a case, and what should be included to get assistance for Fax as a Service (FaaS).

Applies To

  • AdaptHealth
  • Fax as a Service / FaaS/ Fax API



Cases should be created with the AdaptHealth account.

  1. Click here to log in to the 8x8 Support Portal (My 8x8) and start a new Support case.
  2. Fill in the case form with the following information:
    • Category: CPaaS
    • Severity Level: 2
    • Subject: FaaS Issue
    • Description: Issue details and any special contact instructions
      Important-Icon.png IMPORTANT! Copy and paste the following into your Case Description for expedited handling: Please refer to the Salesforce Service Cloud "Critical Account Notes" for FaaS details and next steps.
    • Location/Sites: (if applicable) 
    • External Reference ID: (if applicable)
    • How Should We Contact You: (Select the preferred contact method)
    • Timezone to Contact: (Select the proper timezone)
    • Additional Contact: (If applicable, provide anyone additional that can be contacted regarding this case.)
  3. Click Submit Case.


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