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How can I give feedback on an 8x8 security issue? (8x8 HackerOne Program)


How can I report a potential vulnerability in an 8x8 product or service? Does 8x8 have a program or policy around white hat hacking?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Products, Platform, and Services
  • Security
  • 8x8 HackerOne Program


At 8x8, we recognize the importance of ensuring the integrity and confidentially of global communications and pride ourselves on making security a top priority. Our meticulous and robust measures include working with the wider security community in order to discover and mitigate any potential flaws in our software.

To this end, 8x8 proudly runs a program to field community submissions of potential issues via the HackerOne platform, allowing us to surface vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Click here to learn more about the 8x8 HackerOne Program.

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