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How to Run a Path Ping in Windows


Run a path ping in Windows to work out where latency is occurring between the 8x8 data center and the your ISP. 

Applies To

  • Connectivity
  • Windows


  1. Open Command Prompt. by clicking on the windows key on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Type CMD and press Enter.
  3. Where the cursor is flashing type the command Pathping IP Address example: UK datacenter:
  4. Press Enter.clipboard_ef06b254731bfdc56d98c934c8aaf79af.png

4. This will firstly count all the data hops from your location to the data centre and will ping each hop 100 times. After a few minutes it will list the result in the form of the number of packets sent and a percentage of loss if any. This will help in highlighting if a certain hop (ISP's Peering Partner) is experiencing packet loss consistently and therefore affecting the quality of calls.

Important-Icon.png Note: If an issue is found, then this information should be shared with the ISP who can then provide an alternative route to the destination.
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