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Download Virtual Office Desktop


Virtual Office Desktop is a comprehensive unified communications application that integrates a business softphone with visual voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, presence, video calling, fax, call recording, and web conferencing—all in a standalone desktop application. Click the buttons below to Download Virtual Office Desktop for your Windows or Mac computer.

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By clicking the buttons to download above, you acknowledge and accept the 8x8 Terms of Use and (where applicable) the 8x8 Beta Services Terms of Use

Note: As of October 11, 2018, macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) will no longer be supported with Virtual Office Desktop (VOD). Users on macOS 10.9 experiencing issues in VOD should update to macOS 10.10 or later.

What's new in this release?

Current Version: 5.9.0 Build 20527

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VOD Client

  • Specialized Message Handling  Messages sent to "internal" numbers associated with a contact on your 8x8 system are sent as chat messages. Messages to "external" numbers are sent as SMS.
  • On Call List Improvements  The On Call list now allows you to easily hang up a call, and will not automatically resume when opening a call on hold.


  • Improved Messaging Experience  A unified list of one-to-one conversations and rooms is now presented in a single Messages tab, sorted by interactions with unread messages.


  • Toggle New Meeting Experience On/Off: Navigate to Virtual Office > Settings. Toggle the switch for New Meeting Experiences (Beta) ON or OFF.
  • Improved Multitasking and Navigation  While in a meeting, quickly access all parts of Virtual Office in a collapsible pane—no more switching between multiple windows if you need to navigate the rest of the app while in a meeting, including chats, faxes, call logs, and contacts! All meeting participant information, video streams, and shared content are now accessible in an intuitive new layout within your Virtual Office desktop app window. 
  • Active Speaker Meeting Video  The meeting interface displays the active speaker video (or avatar) more prominently, giving participants a better experience.
  • Unlimited Video Streams  No need to worry about how many people can join video during large meetings—as many participants as can join your meeting can also join meeting video, allowing for a greatly improved face-to-face experience!
  • Ability to Pin Participant Video  If one of the video streams in your meeting is connected to a large conference room, you can keep the associated video tile pinned to a dominant position in your meeting window. By default, if a participant starts to share their on-screen content in a meeting, the shared content is pinned automatically and takes priority over participant video.
  • Meeting Video Preview  As you click the button to share your webcam video in a meeting, you see a small preview of what your video will look like to participants, allowing you to better judge your lighting and background for improved visibility.
  • Unified Content Sharing Experience  Shared content now appears in the main meeting window instead of separately, offering a more integrated experience. Additionally, anyone sharing their screen in a meeting no longer needs to worry about someone accidentally taking over their content sharing. While someone else is already sharing content, simply "raise your hand" and send the current presenter a request to contribute with content of your own.
  • Streamlined Meeting Invite Experience  Take advantage of a crisp and intuitive contact selection experience while you are inviting people to an active meeting. Invite participants from your company or personal contacts, or enter the email or phone number of an external contact.
  • Improved Email Invitations  When you send a meeting invitation via email to a participant, the participant now receives a much more streamlined invitation, allowing them to more quickly understand the invitation, and join and contribute to a meeting.

Bugs Fixed


  • Room creators now auto-follow their rooms.
  • Posting copy-pasted text with @ mentions now properly engage the @ mention feature.
  • Focus will not suddenly switch to the bottom of the chat conversation window when scrolling to the top.

VOD Client

  • Call logs will show proper company contact names instead of a number (affected companies with 6-digit extensions).
  • Contact names show correctly in call logs and caller ID pop-ups for companies with multiple branches.
  • Intermittent issues accessing voicemail list resolved.
  • Intermittent issues with voicemail playback through application-configured speakers resolved.
  • General stability improvements.

Known Issues


  • With the new technology shift, the whiteboard feature is no longer available.


  • While uploading a file in one conversation, if user switches to another conversation window, they will notice that the file being uploaded on the first user’s conversation window is shown as uploaded on the second conversation window. The file may end up sent to the wrong person.
  • Previewing large image files may make VOD unstable or frozen.
  • Previewing of pdf and bmp files is unavailable in a conversation window.
  • The Save to file feature in a conversation window will only save from the message at the top of the current window to the end. To save all messages, first scroll to the beginning of the conversation. 

VOD Client

  • Users are unable to join meeting meeting audio via the computer when already on two active calls. Attempts to do so will result in failure to connect to audio.
  • VOD is not registered to launch with the tel://  protocol.
  • Content sharing does not work for a user with the "old" meeting experience in macOS Mojave. To share content on Mojave, turn on the New Meeting Experience.
  • When a call is already on hold and a second call comes in, users cannot transfer the second call. Attempts to do so via Contacts search in VOD will result in the caller remaining on hold. Please end the first call, then resume the call you were attempting to transfer and try again.

General Troubleshooting


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