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New Messaging Experience for Virtual Office Desktop & Mobile FAQ
8x8 Support Knowledge Base

New Messaging Experience for Virtual Office Desktop & Mobile FAQ

Q. What is the 8x8 New Messaging Experience?

A. The New Messaging Experience is a system for sending IMs internally, SMSs external and connecting other external team (such as those using HipChat & Slack). This new platform enables our future Team Messaging.

Q. Why is 8x8 migrating to the New Messaging Experience?

A. To provide more features for 1:1 messaging as well as future abilities, such as Team Messaging and integrations.

Q. Is the New Messaging Experience only available in VOD New Experience Mode?

A. New Messaging Experience is available in VOM 7.2 and later, and in VOD 5.4 and later in New Experience mode. Classic Mode will not have the New Messaging Experience features, such as file sharing, but may still communicate with the New Messaging Experience extensions.

Q. When will the New Messaging Experience be available?

A. VOM versions 7.2 and later are using the New Messaging Experience. Users of VOD 5.4 and later are being migrated over the next couple of months, but may request to be manually migrated sooner.

Q. How do I tell if I have been migrated to the New Messaging Experience?

A. VOM versions 7.2 and later are using the New Messaging Experience. Users of VOD 5.4 can tell by opening a new messaging conversation. If there is a + option to share files, then migration to the New Messaging Experience has happened.

Q. What will change for me?

A. There are some special use-cases (see below), but for most users the migration will be completely behind the scenes. You will notice the new + option to upload files.  

Q. How do I share files via messaging?

A. Click the + option to select one or more files (100mb maximum), then type an optional message to include with the files, and press Send (paper airplane icon).

Q. What message format commands are available?

A. Bold, italics, strikeout, fixed width font, and hyperlink text.

New Messaging Experience Formatting Options

  • Bold - use “*” (asterisk)
  • Italics - use “_” (underscore)
  • Fixed width Font - use “`” (back quote)
  • Strikeout - use “~” (tilda)
  • To use:
    • Enclose a phrase in the formatting characters
    • The phrase must not start with a space
    • The phrase must be on a single line
  • Examples:
    • E.g.: *this is bold*                Results in: this is bold
    • E.g.: * this is not bold*         Results in: * this is not bold*
    • E.g.: _this is italics_             Results in: this is italics
    • E.g.: _ this is not italics_      Results in: _ this is not italics_
    • E.g.: `this is a fixed width`    Results in:  this is a fixed width    
    • E.g.: ~this is struckout~        Results in: this is struckout  
  • Hyperlink text - use the format: [Linked Text](  Results in Linked Text

Q. Will I still be able to access my messaging history when migrated to the New Messaging Experience?

A. In general, messages since February will be available in the New Messaging Experience. SMS history is more limited and users with multiple extensions per login may have issues (see below).

Q. Can I delete messages in New Messaging Experience?

A. New Messaging Experience is more enterprise-focused and does not have a delete messaging history option. A future version will have options to help you achieve zero-inbox and correct mistakes.

Q. What will happen to my messaging history that was deleted prior to the migration to New Messaging Experience?

A. Messages that have been deleted since February 2018 will be restored.

Q. I can’t find my sent SMS history from March, where is it?

A. SMS history is only available from April 2018 onwards. See "Is there any way to access my old messaging history prior to the migration?" below.

Q. I have a single login and use many extensions, what are the steps I need to take to use New Messaging Experience?

A. Both New Messaging Experience and the new 8x8 X-Series products are based around a single extension per login, so you may encounter missed messages, lack of history, and presence issues if you use a single login and multiple extensions. Please set up each extension you use as a separate login as soon as possible to enjoy the best user experience.

Q. What happened to my messaging history for the other extensions on my login?

A. For logins that have many extensions, only messaging history for one extension has been migrated. Please set up each extension you use as a separate login and messaging history will be saved from that point forward.

Q. Is there any way to access my old messaging history prior to the migration?

A. Yes, login to Virtual Office Online in a browser and you may access your messaging history.

Q. If I create a new login account for messaging, will it have history from the existing extension that was assigned to it?

A. No, it will begin with no history as of the create date, but accumulate all new messages as history.

Q. After updating to 8x8 Virtual Office Mobile v 7.2 or Virtual Office Desktop v 5.4 in the New Messaging Experience mode, why are all my old messages showing up as unread?

A. On launching VO Mobile v 7.2 (or VOD v 5.4 in New Messaging Experience mode) for the first time, you may notice all messages from February 2018 are showing up as unread. To fix this, open each conversation that has unread messages. This is a one-time action only. Following this one-time action all messages will show with the correct Read status.

Q. Where did Group Chat go?

A. The old group chat will be replaced with a more robust Team Messaging solution. Please email to participate in the beta program.