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Download Virtual Office ACT! Integration Plug-in (Windows)
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Download Virtual Office ACT! Integration Plug-in (Windows)


Virtual Office ACT! Integration works with ACT! 2007 or higher for Microsoft Windows.

To install, download the zip file, extract the msi file to your computer, and then run the msi file.

The latest upgrade addresses delays for customers with large contact lists. Loading contacts and the plug-in window no longer freezes the application. As of ACT! v19, the New History window may not automatically pop up using the current 8x8 ACT! integration v1.1.7. Until this issue has been resolved, a workaround must be used. Pressing the Ctrl+H hotkey in ACT! will force the New History window to pop. All previous versions of ACT! from 2007 to v18 do not appear to have this issue.

Note: The ACT! integration is not currently supported for Virtual Office Editions. VO Editions will be compatible with this integration in a future release.

Last Update: 1/18/16

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