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8x8 Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has two primary versions of Outlook. 8x8 has integrated ease-of-use features into both types of Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows

8x8 offers two add-ins for Microsoft Outlook for Windows. These are installed directly onto your Windows PC, and operate only in the PC-installed version of Microsoft Outlook.

8x8 Work for Microsoft Outlook (Meetings add-in)

This add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to add 8x8 meeting information to your new Outlook meeting request.


When you add an 8x8 meeting to your Outlook meeting request, the sender and recipients can join the meeting by clicking on the 8x8 ribbon icon, or by clicking on Join the meeting. You can also call into the meeting by phone.


8x8 Work for Outlook Click to Call Add-in

The Click to Call add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to click on specific items in Outlook to initiate phone calls through the 8x8 Work for Desktop app. You can:

  • Click on a phone number in an email
  • Call from the sender context menu in email
  • Call from the context menu in People (Contacts)

Microsoft Outlook 365

This is an 8x8 Meetings integration designed to operate in Microsoft Outlook 365 (cloud). It must be provisioned in Office 365 by a Microsoft 365 administrator.

Please see:

Example: Calendar item for Outlook 365:


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