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8x8 Support

8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams App


The 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams app is an optional, supplemental Teams application that allows users to easily access 8x8 user settings and features from within Microsoft Teams.

The application must be installed into the Microsoft Teams environment and enabled for users by the company IT admin.


  • Log in and log out of call queues and handle calls directed to the queues
  • Navigate to the analytics of a selected call queue to detect any performance issues
  • Set up your 8x8 voicemail preferences
  • Set up External call ID settings
  • Define call forwarding preferences for your extension
  • Select the default music-on-hold or add a custom recording
  • Send and receive faxes
  • Send and receive SMS/MMS messages (Limited to the United States and Canada)
  • Filter, listen or see transcription of personal voicemails. (Note: Transcription of group voicemails is currently not supported.)


Applies To

  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams
  • 8x8 Work


  • 8x8 X Series License
  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams license
  • Microsoft Azure AD for user Single Sign-On (SSO) is required for users to sign into the Microsoft Teams app (Learn more)
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