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Voice for Teams: Dial pad does not appear, Calls app is not pinned in Teams


The dial pad in Microsoft Teams does not appear for users, even though all of the following have been verified:

  • The Sync Now process has been completed successfully in the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams admin portal.
  • Sufficient time has passed since the initial Sync Now setup process was completed (up to 72 hours).
  • Teams users appear normally in the admin portal.
  • Recent admin portal sync log data in Users > Sync Now > Show Sync History displays no Fail status.

Important: Note that this is not the only reason that the Teams dial pad might not appear. The most common reasons for this to occur are:

Applies To

  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams


This specific issue could simply be a result of the Calls app not being pinned for display to users in the Microsoft Teams app bar.


There are two solutions to this specific issue:

  1. Users can manually add the option to Teams. This is a temporary solution, because this action does not permanently pin the Calls app to the app bar area.
  2. The Microsoft 365 service administrator can pin the Calling app for Teams users, to force it into permanent view.

(Users) Manually add the Calls app to Teams

  1. Teams users must click on the ellipsis clipboard_ecf15bc31ac5c71acac991b1cfd0d334c.png in the Microsoft Teams app bar.
  2. Then search for and click on Calls.

Teams Calls App.jpg

  1. If the dial pad still does not appear, the user may need to click on Dial a number to expand the dial pad.


(Administrator) Pin the Calling app for Teams users

To permanently pin the Calls / Calling app to the Teams app bar:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  2. In the left side panel, navigate to Teams apps > Setup policies.
  3. In App setup policies, click Global (Org-wide default) or whichever policy has been applied to Teams users.

Teams Apps Setup Policies.jpg

  1. In Pinned apps, verify that the Calling app is not present.
  2. Click + Add apps.

Teams Pinned Apps.jpg

  1. In Add pinned apps, search for Calling.
  2. Then click Add to add Calling to the list of apps you are going to pin.
  3. Click Add at the bottom of the Add pinned apps panel.

Teams Add Calling App.jpg

  1. If desired, click on Calling to highlight the app, then click Move up or Move down as needed to permanently position the app in the Teams app panel for users.
  2. Click Save to complete your change.

Note: It could take a few minutes for the change to take affect, as Microsoft processes and applies the change.

Teams Save Pinned Apps change.jpg

  1. Users should log out of and log back into Teams to see the change.
  2. Click on the Calls app in the Teams app panel to open see the dial pad.

Note that users might need to click on Dial a number in Calls to expand the dial pad.


Teams Calls App now appears.jpg

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