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Process for WhatsApp setup in 8x8 Contact Center


This is the overall process for WhatsApp setup within the 8x8 Contact Center.

Only available on X7 or X8.


The customer must have a Facebook business account set up, if they don’t have one, they need to go here first to set on up

Also, they need to go through the process to verify the business account

Note: The process for validating setting up and validating a Facebook/WhatsApp account is outside of the control of 8x8, and therefore we have no responsibility for if the account is accepted or not, and also have no influence over the terms and conditions which are mandated by WhatsApp


Pricing for each individual country can be found here, where it will also explain how WhatsApp defines a session, the cost for this is the user-initiated cost

Note: that added onto the each session from the pricing above, is a transaction charge by 8x8 which will be based on your invoice currency

UK - £0.003 per session

US - $0.004 per session


A UK pricing example 

If you have 1000 sessions in a month from UK numbers and you are invoiced in £ the cost will be

1000 (number of sessions) x £0.028 (WhatsApp user initiated cost) 

1000 (number of sessions) x £0.003 (8x8 transaction charge)

Cost to customer = £28 (WhatsApp charge) + (£3) (CPaaS charge)  = £31

1000 sessions would mean a charge of £31 for using WhatsApp

A US pricing example

If you have 1000 sessions in a month from US numbers and you are invoiced in $ the cost will be

1000 (number of sessions) x $0.0088 (WhatsApp user initiated cost) 

1000 (number of sessions) x $0.004 (8x8 transaction charge)

Cost to customer = $8.80 (WhatsApp charge) + ($4) (CPaaS charge) = $12.80

1000 sessions would mean a charge of $12.80 for using WhatsApp


Other information required

Phone number -  This is the phone number that is registered with WhatsApp. This can be any phone number and it doesn’t need to be below to a specific provider, however, this number CAN NOT have been used before on WhatsApp Business and MUST be able to receive a one-time passcode via either voice or SMS. This number will be visible to your customers that are contacting you via WhatsApp so they would be able to phone it. So this number can be any number the customer wants.

As stated, if you wish, you can use any number that you want. However, to use an 8x8 number, the set-up process for this is here, this number would be an 8x8 telephony-based number.  - Number setup. If an 8x8 number is chosen, then once it’s set up and receives the one-time passcode, you can then choose to have that number routed to a contact center or automated message. This number can not be called on WhatsApp though.


Applies To

  • Whatsapp
  • Contact Center

Contact Center setup


Getting Access to WhatsApp in CM 

For the customer to get access to WhatsApp in Contact Center, they first need to sign up to legal terms and conditions, the process for how they do this can be found here. A request needs to be made to Deal Desk by the sales representative to send out the legal terms and conditions to allow them to use WhatsApp.


Configuration manager setup

The customer can then go through and fill out the following form to start the process of setting up WhatsApp channel



Once selected, the customer will need to fill in the following details. The script on this service, is the script that your WhatsApp number will use to be routed through to the contact center agents


Once the channel has been created, it will show as pending. When in the pending state, a member of the CPaaS support team would be able to give an update on where it is in the process.


Email with CPaaS log in details

Once filled in, these details are then passed across to the CPaaS team. The customer will receive an email from with details of how to log into the CPaaS platform.

The customer would go through and enter in their new password

then they are taken into the CPaaS platform.


CPaaS platform


Navigation to WhatsApp page 

Once logged in, click on Chat Apps


Go to channels

Then select WhatsApp

WhatsApp account information 

This is where the information needs to be entered that will go on the WhatsApp profile for the business

Channel name - This is how it will be identified

Phone number - This is the phone number that is registered with WhatsApp. Important information on the number - Info

Business name - This is the name that will show within the WhatsApp account. This can not be changed once it’s been set up

Category - The category area for the business

Tagline - Shows under the business name

Description - This is extra information you want to tell your customers

Then select next to move onto the next page

Contact email - This would be a customer service email address

Website URL - This is the URL of your business

Profile picture - This is the picture that will show on WhatsApp for your business

Business address - This is the address that will show for your business head office


WhatsApp example


This is an example where 8x8 have registered a WhatsApp account. All of this information was taken from the above form including the logo, description and other information.


Facebook flow

From inside the CPaaS system, this will automatically take you to a page where you need to log into Facebook using your business account credentials

Once logged in, you will see the details for your business. In this flow you will see the 8x8 image, this is because we are using the 8x8 Facebook account to complete this process.

In this screen, just need to select continue to give  8x8 permission to access your WhatsApp business account

Confirmation screen of the permission then select continue to next step

Confirm the legal name of the business that is looking to register WhatsApp

Confirm the description that is required to appear on WhatsApp. This is what is taken from the previous form in the CPaaS platform but it can be amended here if needed.

Now you need to verify the phone number that is being registered with WhatsApp, this will be done by either receiving an SMS or a Voice call to the number in question. More information on this number can be found here Info. Once you select confirm, you will receive the one-time passcode immediately and need to complete this step in the allocated time.

Here, the verification was completed by telephone, so this code was received on an outbound voice call to the number that was registered, then the code given, was confirmed

Once verified, confirmation is given that the number is now registered with WhatsApp.

After this, the flow will return to the CPaaS platform, then just select from the drop down the registered number and the channel that was selected.

Click next to confirm the details are correct

Then confirmation will be given that this is complete

Once done, the number set up will show up in the account.

After this has been done, there is a follow-up step that is needed to be completed by 8x8. Once that has been completed notification will be given to confirm when the WhatsApp account is ready to use. This process can take up to 3 working days.




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