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8x8 Work SMS FAQ
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8x8 Work SMS FAQ



US 8x8 Work customers using either X2 licenses or Unlimited or Global extensions are able to communicate via SMS (or texting) over any 8x8 Work platform: Work for Mobile, Work for Desktop or Work for Web. In addition to the FAQ below, you may also find these additional resources helpful:


What devices are supported?

On iOS and Android, you can use Work for Mobile.

You can also send and receive SMS messages on Mac and Windows computers using Work for Desktop.

What types of 8x8 accounts are supported?

Currently, SMS is supported on:

  • X Series (X2 licenses and above)
  • 8x8 Express
  • Legacy 8x8 Work Unlimited Global Extensions with US phone numbers

Basic, Metered, Dormant, and Virtual Extensions are not capable of SMS.

What types of 8x8 numbers are not supported?

Currently Virtual Numbers and Toll Free numbers cannot be used for SMS.

Is SMS supported for temporary phone numbers during a port-in process?

When a temporary number is assigned to a user license (X2 and above) as part of a phone number port-in process, the SMS feature is not provisioned for that user until the port-in process has completed. Please see the following article for more information: 

Is SMS supported on Canadian or UK 8x8 phone numbers?

SMS is supported on 8x8 phone numbers in Canada, but not the UK.

Can I exchange SMS messages with international contacts?

You can receive SMS messages from any global phone number (whether 8x8 or non-8x8). However, you can only send messages to numbers in the United States and Canada. 

Can I send/receive SMS pictures or group texts (MMS)?

The latest versions of the 8x8 Work applications for Desktop, Mobile (Android | iOS), and Web support the exchange of files such as images via SMS with both 8x8 and non-8x8 numbers (per the international restrictions above).

Currently, group messaging via SMS (i.e., group texts) is not supported. SMS messages may only be sent to and from individual numbers.

Can I message co-workers (on the same 8x8 PBX)?

Clicking on the message bubble to send messages to a co-worker in your 8x8 Company Directory will only send instant messages (IM), not SMS messages.

What is the difference between IM and SMS in 8x8 Work?

8x8 IM (instant messaging) service is used to communicate between 8x8 extensions in a commonly shared 8x8 PBX. 8x8 SMS (short messaging service) is a standards-based platform to send messages (up to 160 characters) to mobile devices that are not associated with an 8x8 PBX.

How can I disable SMS?

In 8x8 Admin Console, SMS can be turned off (and back on) through Profile Policies by your 8x8 account administrator(s).

In Account Manager, SMS can be turned off (and back on) at a company-wide level by your 8x8 account administrator(s).

Which cell phone carriers support 8x8 SMS?

Virtually all cell phone carriers will work with 8x8 SMS.

Where can I see SMS messages sent to my 8x8 number?

In any 8x8 Work application.

If I'm logged into Work for Desktop on my PC/Mac and Work for Mobile on my mobile device simultaneously, will I receive messages on both?

Yes, you will receive incoming IM and SMS messages on both your computer and mobile device if you are logged into 8x8 Work on both when the message is received.

You can see messages sent from one device on any other device running an 8x8 Work application you are logged into, as well as continue an IM/SMS conversation. To view IMs or SMS messages, click the Messages icon in the navigation bar of Work for Mobile or Work for Desktop.
Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 9.47.43 AM.png

What happens to messages I receive when I'm offline or away?

If you're not logged in to 8x8 Work on your mobile device or computer and someone sends you a message, the first device you log into will receive notification of the missed message. The other device will not receive notification of the missed message. If you're logged in to Work for Desktop on only your PC/Mac and receive a message when you're away from your desk, after logging into your mobile device, you will not receive the "missed" message. This is because the notification was sent to Work for Desktop on your PC/Mac. You can view and continue the missed conversation in Work for Desktop.

Can I click URLs in SMS messages to open a web browser or add/view calendar entries?

Yes, clicking links in any messages received in either Work for Desktop or Work for Mobile will open the web page in your deice's default browser.

Can I click to call phone numbers in SMS messages?

Yes. Please note that, by default, clicking a phone number from an SMS message in Work for Mobile will launch the call with your cell phone's number and carrier minutes, not your 8x8 number and minutes.

How long are SMS messages preserved in my History?

SMS messages are available in your contact History in all 8x8 Work applications indefinitely.

Can outbound SMS display the main company number?

No, changing Caller ID does not affect SMS. The number shown will always be the provisioned one.

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