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Setting a Lockout Policy for 8x8 Contact Center User Accounts

Note-Icon.png Note: This only applies to Customers with Mode 1 VCC tenants. For customers with Mode 2 and 3 VCC tenants, please use the guide on how to configure the password policy in Admin Console.


To set a Lockout Policy for your 8x8 Contact Center.

The Lockout option allows you to set rules for maximum invalid login attempts before the system locks an agent out. These rules are enforced on users to protect their accounts from being hacked.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Contact Center Configuration Manager
  • Lockout Policy
  • Mode 1 Tenants


  1. Log in to Contact Center Configuration Manager as an administrator.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Navigate to the Password Policies tab.
  4. Configure the desired settings under Lockout.
  5. Press Save once changes have been made.

The following options are provided by the password lockout policies: 


Additional Information

The Lockout behavior disables the login and password fields and prevents user's further attempts to log in. After the lockout duration, the login screen allows the user to log in again with the right credentials, or to reset the password. The reset password is communicated to the email address specified in the account.

See How to Unlock a 8x8 Contact Center user account for instructions on unlocking a user account.

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