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8x8 Support

Check Firmware Version on Yealink T4x Series


Checking the current firmware version on your Yeahlink T4X Series phone.

Applies To

  • Yealink T4X Phones
  • Firmware



Due to high risk of possible firmware update failure, we do not have direct file download available. 

Create a ticket with 8x8 Support to request the correct firmware file version for your device.

8x8 is not responsible for any issues or problems it may cause for devices purchased elsewhere.

These are tested for use on Yealink devices purchased directly from 8x8.

  • You can see which firmware version is currently recommended in the article, What is the recommended firmware for 8x8 phones and analog adapters?
  • Check the firmware on the phone by pressing OK.
  • Another way to check the version is via the web GUI by obtaining the IP address from the phone or the Client list table from your router.
    • Log in to the phone's IP address (default user/password: admin/admin).
    • Navigate to Status > Status > Firmware Version.

Update to Recommended Firmware Version

If the device is not on the same firmware, either on newer or older; flash it to the recommended version.

  1. Go to Settings > Upgrade > Select and Upgrade Firmware.
  2. Click Choose File choose the firmware file saved previously, and press Upgrade.
  3. The phone will reboot and update it's firmware, once done proceed to the next step.