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Supervisor Console Overview


What can I do with Fuze Supervisor Console?

Applies To

  • Fuze Contact Center
  • Supervisor Console


The Fuze Supervisor Console gives you the ability to monitor the calls, agents, wait time, and service level agreement compliance for all of your call queues. You have the ability to view queue-specific information, including the calls waiting, call statistics, service levels, and interact with the agents for that queue. You also have the ability to view agent-specific information, including calls handled, agent statistics, and the ability to add agents to a watch list.

In order to view queue information, you must have a Supervisor license and be added as a Supervisor to the Queue by your System administrator. System administrators create call queues in the Fuze Portal. For more information on creating call queues, see Call Flow Manager: Queues on the Fuze Community.

Fuze Supervisor Console Overview.png

Monitor All of Your Call Queues From One Dashboard

The Contact Center screen provides an overview of the queues assigned to an administrator. Navigate to the Queues tab to view a summary of queue service level compliance, as well as calls, agents, and wait time statistics for each queue for the current day.

For more information, see Manage Your Queues.

Detailed Information About Each Call Queue

The Queue details screen provides call and agent information for the queue for the current day. Use the Queue details screen to monitor waiting calls, total calls for the day, and individual queue agent call information and agent actions.

For more information, see Queue Details Screen.

Detailed Information About Each Agent

Navigate to the Agents tab to view a summary of agents in your queues for the current day. Use the Agents screen to monitor call statuses, call details, call times, and other agent-related statistics. You can also monitor specific agents who already part of queues that are assigned to you, by adding them to a watch list.

For more information, see Manage Your Agents and Watch List.

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