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What is Fuze View?


What is Fuze View?

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Fuze View is an extension of Fuze’s world-class unified communications (UC) platform, giving you a window into the day-to-day activities of your business. Customers can access their UC data in real-time via their web browser or programmatically with our REST API.

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  • Department: View histogram, aggregate calls stats, call logs, and meeting stats by department as well as export call and meeting data for department and users as a .csv file. Use Cases: See how many calls and meetings your sales team is placing or your marketing department is receiving.
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  • Queues: View queue and agent stats such as calls presented and answered, agent time in queue, time available, and time in paused state as well as export call and meeting data for queue and agents as a .csv file. Use Cases: Contact Center managers can view overall queue details as well as individual user stats.
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  • Users: View aggregate call stats, call logs, and meeting stats by user as well as export call and meeting data for users as a .csv file. Use Cases:  See how active your sales reps are or how many calls your receptionist is handling.
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The RESTful API is the heart of Fuze View, and drives the web application. The Fuze View API gives customers the ability to develop their own dashboards, extract data for long-term storage, and analyze their UC data with their preferred business intelligence tool.
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Fuze View leverages department-based permissions to manage data visibility. Users can access call data for Users and Departments, either as an overview or drilled down to specific users and departments that they have access to.

Additional Information

For more information about Fuze View, see Fuze View Frequently Asked Questions.

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