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Fuze Headset Requirements and Considerations


What are the requirements for using headsets with Fuze services?

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  • Fuze
  • Headsets


To ensure you have the best experience with Fuze Desktop, we recommend that you use a headset from our supported vendors including Plantronics, Jabra, Logitech, and EPOS.

In general, there are three requirements for using a headset with Fuze Desktop:

Fuze Headset Requirements.png

In addition the above, we also recommend the following tips and best practices to ensure the best experience when using your headset.

  • Manufacturer-specific Jabra Direct or Plantronics Hub software must be installed in order to use Jabra or Plantronics headsets with Fuze Desktop.
  • Logitech devices do not require additional manufacturer-specific software.
  • Currently, only USB headsets are supported.
  • Devices that share a play action with the call button (or multi-purpose button), or advertise themselves as "handsfree" devices, often intended for mobile phones, are not currently supported.
  • Fuze Desktop detects when a device is attached or detached while running.
  • If more than one telephony-based device is attached, Fuze Desktop accepts input from each device and  syncs LED states across each device.
  • Currently you cannot purchase Logitech devices from Fuze directly.

Headset Settings - Fuze Desktop 4.8

The advanced Audio setting that allows Fuze Desktop to capture events from connected headsets (HID integration)​ is turned off by default when you install Fuze Desktop 4.8.

If you want to manually update this setting, simply navigate to the More Options ​ menu and click Settings​. Navigate to the Audio/Video section, and click to toggle the setting on or off. For additional information, refer to Audio & Video Settings.

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