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Overview for Guests


What features are available to guests using Fuze Mobile?

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Guest Users


If you frequently communicate with customers, contractors, or other people outside of your organization, you can unify your conversations and invite anyone to join Fuze as a guest so that everyone can chat, meet, and collaborate, all in one place.

If guest features are not available to you, you can contact your IT administrator to request that this feature be enabled for your organization via Fuze Hub.

Here are some more details about actions that Fuze guests can and cannot perform:

Guests Can

Guests Cannot

  • Sign in to Fuze Web, Fuze Desktop, and Fuze Mobile
  • Join groups by invitation
  • Join meetings and video calls
  • Chat with users who:
    • You invite to one-on-one conversations
    • Are members of groups they’ve been invited to join
  • Create groups and invite their Fuze contacts (i.e., users who have invited the guest to chat, or members of groups the guest has joined)
  • Access a limited set of guest-specific settings
  • See everyone in the corporate directory
  • Invite other guests
  • Rename, archive, or delete groups
  • Remove other members from groups
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Start or schedule Meetings

A Note for HIPAA Compliant Customers

Guest features are not available for customers that require HIPAA compliance.

Inviting and Managing Guests

See the following articles for details about how to invite and manage guests in Fuze Mobile.

When interacting with guests, remember that they’re not a member of your organization. As with any other communication method, always make sure that you’re in compliance with your organization’s information sharing policies when chatting, calling, meeting, or sharing files with guests.

Additional Information

To help support your guests, the following articles are also available:

To download and install Fuze Mobile, refer to Installing Fuze Mobile.

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