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Using Fuze Mobile - A Guide for Guests


Use Fuze Mobile as a guest.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Guest Users


What is Fuze? Fuze is a unified communications platform that is designed for the way people work. Fuze powers business conversations through a secure and reliable global platform that unifies voice, video, and messaging into a single application.

As a Fuze guest user, you can chat with people and groups, share files, and attend meetings with anyone at the organization that invites you to join.

Here are some more details about actions that Fuze guests can and cannot perform:

Guests Can Guests Cannot
  • Sign in to Fuze Web, Desktop, and Mobile
  • Join groups by invitation
  • Join meetings and video calls
  • Chat with users who:
    • You invite to one-on-one conversations
    • Are members of groups they’ve been invited to join
  • Create groups and invite their Fuze contacts (i.e. users who have invited the guest to chat, or members of groups the guest has joined)
  • Access a limited set of guest-specific settings
  • See everyone in the corporate directory
  • Invite other guests
  • Rename, archive, or delete groups
  • Remove other members from groups
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Start or schedule meetings

Depending on preference and policies, some companies who use Fuze may not allow guest users. Additionally, guest features are not currently available for companies that require HIPAA compliance.

Getting Started

When someone invites you to use Fuze Mobile as a guest, an invitation is automatically sent to you via email or SMS. It includes a link you can use to sign up, download the Fuze Mobile app, and start using Fuze.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide01.png

Sign Up

When you tap Join the Conversation, a web browser opens and you’re brought to our website where you can set up your Fuze account.

To create your account:

  1. Enter your email and create a password that you can use to access Fuze.
  2. Tap Create an Account. A contact information screen appears where you can enter some basic details about yourself so that people in the organization can understand a little more about you.
  3. The following details are required:
    • First name
    • Last Name
    • Company name
      Fuze Mobile Guest Guide02.png
  4. Tap Join. Your Fuze account is created and a confirmation screen appears.
    Fuze Mobile Guest Guide03.png
  5. Tap Download/Launch Fuze to download and install Fuze Mobile from your device's store, or open Fuze Mobile if its already installed on your device.

You can also download Fuze Mobile for iOS or Android.

Fuze Mobile Interface Overview

Fuze products are designed to be consistent and intuitive so that you can let work flow. Whether you’re using Fuze Desktop, Fuze Web, or Fuze Mobile, you’ll likely find it easy to chat or meet without assistance, but to help you get started, here’s an overview of Fuze Mobile.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide04.png

For additional information about the interface, refer to Fuze Mobile Overview.


You can chat with groups to which you are invited, or one-on-one conversations other people start with you. You can also start a one-on-one conversation with anyone in a group you’ve joined.  

To chat with a person or group, simply open Fuze, search for the person or group (or tap a conversation), enter a message, and tap Send.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide05.png

At this time, Fuze apps do not generate notifications or follow up emails for messages you receive while the app is not open.


You can join any meeting to which you’re invited, or if someone provides you with a meeting ID, you can join using the ID. Additionally, you can use Fuze Mobile to view and join upcoming or past meetings to which you’ve been invited.

 Fuze Mobile Guest Guide06.png

Join a Meeting

You can join a scheduled meeting by tapping Meetings, then tapping the meeting you want to join in the Upcoming list.

To join a meeting using the Meeting ID:

  1. Tap Meetings, then tap Join a Meeting
  2. Enter the meeting ID number.
    Fuze Mobile Guest Guide07.png
  3. Tap Join.
  4. Select an audio option, and then tap Join Meeting to join the meeting.
    Fuze Mobile Guest Guide08.png

For additional information about joining a meeting, refer to Join a Meeting.

In Meetings

When you’re in a meeting, you’ll see tiles for other participants whether they’re on video, voice-only, or they’re dialed in.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide09.png

From the meeting toolbar at the bottom of a meeting, you can control your microphone, audio, and video. You can also add people, chat, or create a shared note with everyone in the meeting.

Tap the More menu at the lower right of the meeting to access everything from meeting information, to settings, to recordings and more.  

For additional information about settings available during a meeting on Fuze Mobile, refer to In Meetings.

Share Content

Tap Share to share content from your mobile device. You can share photos and other files from your device. If you’ve previously uploaded a file, you can share that content from the Fuze cloud.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide10.png


Groups are a great way to get together and collaborate with people in Fuze. You can create groups any time, and you can name groups if you need to give them a theme. When you’re part of a group, your meetings, chat conversations, and shared files are all available in one place. You can also jump from a group chat into a meeting at any time.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide11.png

For additional information about creating a group on Fuze Mobile, refer to Create a Group.

Presence and Settings

You can set your presence, update your avatar, sign out, and access the settings window via the Profile menu.


Your status automatically updates when you’re in a meeting, busy, away, available, or unavailable. You can also manually set your presence and add a custom status message by tapping the pencil icon and selecting a state.

Fuze Mobile Guest Guide12.png


The Settings screen includes several subsections in which you can configure your meeting, audio, video and other settings.

For additional information about configuring call settings on Fuze Mobile, refer to Mobile Calls and Voicemail Settings.


Tap Support to send feedback, report a problem, and learn more about Fuze.

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