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Call Logs in Fuze for Salesforce


What are call logs used for in Fuze for Salesforce?

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Salesforce


Fuze creates a call log if the Caller ID can be matched to an existing contact. Call logs are used to track and document interactions during calls.

Salesforce call logs.png

You can note the reason for a call, add conversation notes, track action items for yourself, and perform other actions. You can also retroactively edit call logs you’ve created at any time.

If a call log cannot be saved for any reason, Fuze automatically provides you with the ability to attempt to force Salesforce to save the log.

Additional Information

For call information displayed in the main interface, refer to The Fuze for Salesforce Interface. For additional information about Fuze for Salesforce, refer to Fuze for Salesforce Overview.

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