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8x8 Support

HDMI Audio


When using an HDMI audio device with Fuze applications, one or more of the following issues occurs:

  • A loud, pervasive echo may be experienced on calls.
  • Choppy or one-way audio may be experienced on calls and meetings.

You receive the following error: Fuze is not optimized for use with HDMI audio devices.

Applies To

  • Fuze
  • Audio


Use Fuze apps with non-HDMI audio devices.

If you require assistance configuring your audio devices, we recommend contacting your IT department for assistance.

To ensure your audio settings are configured properly, you can test your Fuze setup. For additional information, refer to Fuze Checkup.


If Fuze is configured to use an HDMI audio source (Profile menu > Settings > Audio/Video), a message may be generated stating that this type of audio configuration is not supported.

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