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Partner Go Live Review Job Aid


The purpose of the Go Live Review (GLR) is to review a Partner’s shadow project before a go live event and provide best practices. The review includes deep dives of network, testing, risks, and Go Live readiness. This applies to Partners enrolled in the Global Channel Partner Accreditation Program.

Applies To

  • Deployment
  • Partner
  • Go Live Review


These meetings are facilitated by 8x8 Professional Services Leadership. They will guide the meeting by asking the questions below.

What is Required?

The partner project manager is required to submit a request form via this link 72 hours prior to the date they wish to have the GLR.

We recommend that the following responsible parties from the partner attend the GLR:

  • Project Manager
  • Engineer that built/maintain the system

Project Summary

  • Target Go Live Date
  • Site Scope

Project Readiness

  • Does the customer have the network requirement doc?
    • Review Network Assessment with customers?
  • Admin Training completed?
  • VCC Voice Port Review
  • Repurposing phones?
    • If so, what is the plan to repurpose phones?
  • Is the customer prepared to run User Acceptance Testing and accept based on their success criteria?
  • Will there be an onsite resource?
  • (Remote GL) - Test Accounts/Test Phones activated on Customer PBX
  • End User Training Date

Porting / Call Forwarding

  • Will you be Call Forwarding or porting at go-live?
    •     If call forwarding:
      •      Has it been tested/confirmed that it is doable?
      •      Is there a Concurrent Call Limit on Forwarded Calls?
  • Porting Readiness
    •     FOC Confirmed (LNP– If Applicable)
    •     Is there any Spoofing?
  • Porting Bridge in Place?

Administration/Transition To Support

  • Have Cost Centers been configured as needed?
  • Are all cost centers set to “Independent” ?

Go-Live Day Preparation / Information

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