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Spoofing: How to make non-8x8 numbers available for outbound calling (8x8 Work)

Spoofing (8x8 Work)

This article will show you how to raise a spoofing request for 8x8 Work.

Before you can select a non-8x8 telephone number as an external caller ID on your 8x8 account, the number would need to be validated. To request this validation, and provide the necessary documentation, please follow the steps outlined in this article. Once this process is fully complete, you will be able to use your non-8x8 numbers for outbound calls from 8x8 Work.

Please note, spoofing telephone numbers in 8x8 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) requires a different approval process. If you are looking to spoof in VCC please raise a support case with our technical support team.



What paperwork do we need in order to approve your telephone number(s) for spoofing?

1. Outbound Caller ID Spoofing Authorisation Form
2. Most recent invoice from your current provider (dated within last 30 days & showing the relevant phone number)

If your current provider's invoice does not show the phone number(s) then please provide us with the above documentation but also obtain the following:

  • US & Canada - A Customer Service Record (CSR) from the current provider.
  • UK & Other Global - An email from the current provider confirming ownership of the number(s). (This email must be recognisably from an address belonging to the current provider, and must state the number(s) in question).

Please bear in mind that incomplete documentation will cause a delay in processing your spoofing request, as we will only be able to proceed once the required paperwork is supplied.


Request Submission

Once the documentation has been gathered, you are ready to submit a spoofing request via the 8x8 Support Portal.

For more general information on how to manage support cases via the 8x8 Support Portal, please click here.

In order to raise a spoofing request, please create a new case and complete the essential fields accordingly:

Case Type Select 'Porting Queries'
Category Select 'Spoofing'
Severity Level Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu
Subject Enter 'Spoofing Request' or similar
Description Let us know how many numbers need to be validated, and any other relevant details
Timezone to Contact Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu
Attach a File Attach the documentation outlined above.

The fields not mentioned here can be filled at your own discretion.

Caller ID Setup

Once your non-8x8 telephone numbers have been approved for spoofing, you can then set up the external caller ID for the relevant users. For more details about how to make these changes in Admin Console please click here.

Please note, if your spoofing has been approved but you cannot see the number(s) listed in the external caller ID dropdown list you may need to Enable Shared Caller ID first on the relevant user or service.


  • Spoofing is unavailable for:
    • Toll Free numbers
    • Wireless/Mobile numbers
    • Fax services
    • 8x8 Express accounts
  • For Fuze customers transitioning to the 8x8 platform:
    • If you wish to spoof your Fuze numbers on the 8x8 platform, the spoofing authorisation form is required, but no proof of ownership is needed.


  • How long will it take to verify my telephone number once I submit the request?

    • Please click here to view our typical lead times.

  • 8x8 have verified my telephone number. Why can't I see it on my 8x8 Admin Console?

    • Display Only numbers will not appear on the 'Phone Numbers' page in Admin Console. They will only be available to search, and select, in the dropdown field of the 'External Caller ID' when editing a user via Admin Console.

  • Can I set a Display Only number as my 'Main Line Number'?

    • Spoofed numbers can only be set as external caller ID on a user by user basis. The 'Main Line Number' for a site can only be set as an actual 8x8 telephone number.

  • How do I change the Caller ID of my spoofed telephone number?
    • 8x8 has no control over the Caller ID of a spoofed number. We would recommend contacting the actual provider for the number for Caller ID queries.
  • My number is accepted to port to 8x8 - do I still need to provide proof of ownership for spoofing?
    • Yes, we still require the same level of documentation and proof to be provided. 
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