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8x8 Support

Does 8x8 have a Status Page showing current service status or interruptions for 8x8 Express?


Yes, 8x8 Technical Support manages and updates a public Status Page at The page features:

  • dedicated information for any current widely impacting events (such as outages, system errors, access issues, etc.)
  • filters for region, service, and application type
  • a history of impacting events reported over the last 30  calendar days

Additional Information 

Do I need a login to access the 8x8 Status Page? 

No, the 8x8 Status page is public and does not require a login.

Are all customer issues posted to the Status Page? 

No. Incidents recorded on the 8x8 Status Page are impacting across a population of customers who may share a cluster, region, platform, or another common characteristic that makes the event important to explain broadly.

If an issue is known to be impacting only a single 8x8 customer at a given time -- even if the scope of impact is across multiple users, sites, or services -- may not be captured on the Status Page until or unless it is determined that the issue is affecting others in the same way.

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