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How to Send Ping and Trace Route Results to a Text File


To generate a text file with the results of a Ping & Trace Route tests from the command prompt for further investigation.

Applies To

  • Connectivity
  • Windows
  • Ping and Trace Route


  1. Create a folder for the results to be saved, and take note of the file location.
  2. Open Command Prompt.
    1. Windows Key.
    2. Type CMD.
    3. Press Enter.
  3. When the CMD window is open, type one of the following and press enter to start.
    • Normal Ping - ping [IP Address] >[File Location]\pingresults.txt
    • Continuous Ping - ping [IP Address] -t >[File Location]\pingresults.txt
      • This will need a command to be pressed in order for it to stop, Ctrl+C.
    • Trace route - tracert [IP Address] >[File Location] \tracert.txt

      When the procedures have completed all the results will be saved into a text file in the location stated.
  4. Send the results to 8x8 for further investigation through your open Support Case.