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How to manually factory reset and provision a Polycom
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How to manually factory reset and provision a Polycom


Manually factory reset and provision a Polycom phone without the web GUI.

Applies To

All Polycom models


Factory Reset the Phone

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. When it displays Starting application press Cancel to interrupt Press Cancel.
  3. When you get into the next screen press and hold the following key combination - 135.
  4. You can release when you get to a screen where it asks to Enter Password…
  5. The password is the MAC ID of the phone which can be found on the back of the phone on a white label above the ports.
    • Usually start with “0004F2" or "64167" it is 12 digits alphanumeric (all letters are all lower case, or all upper case. If one doesn't work try the other).

      Note: If you are working with the phone's physical number pad and not an onscreen keyboard, use the following:

      • Lower case letters: a->1A
      • Number: 1->Aa
      • Period (.): *
      • Slash (/): #

Provision the Phone

  1. Press home button (looks like a house).
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to Advanced.
  4. Enter password – 456.
  5. Go to Admin Settings.
  6. Go to Network Configuration.
    • DNS – (
    • Alternative DNS –
  7. Go to Provisioning Server.
    • Server Type: HTTPS
    • Server Address:
  8. Go to SNTP.
    • Server Address:
  9. Go to DHCP Menu
    • Boot Server set to Static or Custom+opt.66 (usually 'custom+opt 66' if this does not work then try 'static')
  10. Press back until it gives you the option to save config.
  11. Select Yes.
  12. This will reboot your phone twice and after the second reboot, it should have the correct information on the screen.

To perform provisioning via Web GUI, click here.