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How do I transfer account ownership?
8x8 Support

How do I transfer account ownership?


Are your business and 8x8 system being acquired? Or have you inherited an 8x8 VoIP or contact center system in an acquisition or merger?

In order for billing to properly continue on your 8x8 account, it is very important to carefully document any transfer of business ownership with an Ownership Consent Form. This legally authorizes a transfer of the account ownership and billing responsibility from one party to another, without the need to completely recreate the system from the ground up.

Required Documentation

Use this downloadable template as a guide for drafting your own Ownership Consent Form (please do not simply fill in this example and submit—you must create your own on your company's letterhead). Your final document must:

  • Include the letterhead of the company transferring ownership.
  • Be signed by both the original customer/owner (Assignor) and the new customer/owner (Successor).

Next Steps

Once complete, please email the signed document to

An 8x8 Support Agent will contact you within two business days to complete the transfer process.

We recommend making a copy for your own records before submitting.