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8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams: XT License FAQ


The 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams XT license provides Teams users with metered calling, with reduced per minute billing for select countries, where applicable rates are set out.


IMPORTANT: 8x8, Inc. may from time to time make available new countries or regions and change its rates for the XT License. Any new countries, regions, or rates will be made available to customers in writing via email or by posting to 8x8’s website.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams
  • 8x8 X Series

Questions & Answers

Is the 8x8 Voice for Teams service required to use XT licenses?

Yes, your 8x8 X Series service must have or include the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams service.

Are there any limitations & requirements to the XT license?

Please see Limitations & Requirements, below.

Is the XT license available to current and new customers?

XT licenses are available to both current and new customers who meet specific X Series service requirements.

Can XT license Teams users also use 8x8 Work applications?

Can XT license users access 8x8 voicemail?

  • XT users cannot access or make changes to 8x8 voicemail settings.
  • The Voicemail settings configuration option normally found in 8x8 user profiles is also not available in the 8x8 Admin Console for XT license users, even for administrators.
  • Therefore it is recommended that Voice for Teams administrators configure users of the XT license with Teams voicemail in the 8x8 Voice for Teams admin portal. This can be performed on an individual basis as an override (rather than using the configured service default), if required.

Complete instructions for configuring voicemail service for Voice for Teams users (including individual override of the default voicemail service) can be found in these online resources:

Can users who are assigned the XT license be upgraded or downgraded to use other X Series licenses?

  • Users with XT licenses can be changed to Lobby, X1, X2, X3, X4, X0, and X0-T licenses.
  • Other X Series license users cannot be downgraded to XT licenses.
  • There is no downgrade path for XT-licensed users.

Where is the XT license available?

  • US
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland

Limitations & Requirements


  • The XT license is strictly a metered / cost-per-minute usage license for outbound calls. Inbound calls are included and are not metered.
  • 8x8 Work applications (Desktop, Mobile, & Web) are not available to XT-licensed users.
  • The 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams App cannot be accessed by XT-licensed users.
  • 8x8 Call Queues and Ring Groups are not available to XT-licensed users.
  • XT users cannot access or make changes to 8x8 voicemail settings.
  • The XT license is not supported for use with the 8x8 Phone App.


  • 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams service is required.
  • XT license users must meet the same Microsoft licensing requirements as non-XT licensed Voice for Teams users.
  • As with all other 8x8 Voice for Teams users, XT license users must have the MS Teams Integration license enabled in their 8x8 user profile.
  • Current customers must have 200 or more X Series licenses established on their 8x8 service to purchase XT licenses.
  • New customers must add 200 or more X Series base seats to their cart in order to qualify for purchasing XT licenses.