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Fuze Desktop App Behavior Settings


Configure App Behavior preferences for Fuze Desktop.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Settings


Use the App Behaviors section in Settings to configure a variety of convenient features that enhance your Fuze experience.

You can click ESC to exit and save your changes at any time.

Fuze App Behavior Settings1.png

The available settings differ based on whether you are running Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web. The screenshot above displays the options available on Fuze Desktop. For additional information about the differences between Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web, refer to Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web Overview.

The following table lists and describes the App Behaviors settings.

Setting Description
Automatically start Fuze (Available only on Fuze Desktop) Determines if Fuze is launched automatically when you start your computer.
Minimize to System Tray (Available only on Fuze Desktop)

When toggled to the right, the Fuze application minimizes to the system tray.

When toggled left, the Fuze application minimizes to the taskbar.

Show mini controller for calls and meetings (Available only on Fuze Desktop)

When toggled to the right, a mini controller is displayed when you are on calls or in meetings.

Fuze App Behavior Settings2.png

Enable Do Not Disturb when I’m sharing my screen in a meeting (Available on both Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web) When you are sharing your screen in a meeting, this setting suppresses notifications for incoming chat messages in Fuze and sends incoming calls directly to your voicemail.
Disable post call and meeting quality surveys (Available on both Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web)

This setting determines whether or not the call and video quality survey pop-ups (shown below) are displayed after calls and meetings.

Fuze App Behavior Settings3.png

Disable help banners and notifications for issues that may affect quality of your calls and meetings (Available on both Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web) This setting determines whether or not banners and notifications are displayed, alerting you of potential issues with your calls or meetings.

Fuze Presence Integration with Office Apps for Windows

If your company integrates Fuze with Microsoft Office apps for Windows, Integrate Fuze Status and Contact details with Office apps for Windows is available at the bottom of App Behaviors.

Fuze App Behavior Settings4.png

Use this setting to configure your system to display Fuze Status and Contact details in Office apps for Windows.

For information about installing and managing the Fuze UC integration with Office apps for Windows, see the Outlook Connector UC Integration Installation Administration Guide in Fuze Community.

Additional Information

Looking for information on configuring notification settings? Refer to Notifications Settings.

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