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How to See Charges to Specific Extensions
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How to See Charges to Specific Extensions

Charges by extension are summarized in Statement Details - Services in your online Monthly Statement. To view these charges in detail:

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Select Billing > View Statements: View.
  3. In the Actions column for the month you wish to review, click View to open that particular Monthly Statement.
  4. Scroll down to the Statement Details - Services section.
  5. Locate the extension in the Telephone #/Ext. column. (Note: Services associated with each extension are split up on individual line items.)
    • To view charges associated to a calling plan, find the line item that names both the extension number and complete phone number in the Telephone #/Ext. column.
    • For other services, look in the Service Plans column to ensure you are viewing the service charges you wish to examine for that extension.
  6. In the Service ID/Start Date column to the far left, click the 15-character hyperlink to open the Service Details for that line item.
  7. 8x8 Service Details displays the following information:
    • Customer Information – Name, address, phone, account number, billing address and service address.
    • Summary – Service and usage charges, taxes and fees, and total bill.
    • Usage Minutes – Minutes used on all calls made from that extension during the month.
    • Charges – Based on minutes used (e.g. metered plans incur additional charges for minutes used above what plan allows).
    • Taxes & Fees – Federal, state and local taxes and fees (which vary by location).
    • Promotion Discount – Any sales promotions or discounts that apply.
    • International Usage – Minutes used to make calls outside the United States.
    • Inbound and Outbound Usage Rate Structure – These charges vary based on your service plan.
    • Adjustments – Any applicable credits or late fees.
    • Call Details – Date, start time, end time, and total minutes for each call.
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