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How to Port Numbers Away From 8x8


Porting your numbers away from 8x8.

Applies To

  • Number Transfer
  • Porting
  • 8x8 Numbers


To transfer your telephone numbers away from the 8x8 platform you would need to work with your new service provider to complete the required documentation and submit a porting request. Once the numbers have been successfully ported to your new service provider you would also need to remove the numbers from your 8x8 account.


It is important to remember that your 8x8 billing & licenses are not directly linked to your telephone numbers, and porting numbers away from 8x8 does not result in account cancellation. If you are considering cancelling services you must separately submit a request to cancel your 8x8 account or extension.

 For more information about the process of moving telephone numbers away from 8x8 please continue reading below.

1. Port Out Support

When porting away from 8x8, there are three areas we can support with to assist you in transferring your telephone numbers to a new service provider.

- CSR Request: Request a file which shows the data currently registered to your 8x8 telephone numbers.
- Port Out Rejection: Send us a copy of a port rejection your new provider has received and we will check the details.
- Carrier Records Update: Send us the company name & address data you would like registered against your telephone numbers (Note: address must be within the relevant country of the telephone numbers. Other restrictions may vary).

For more details on each of these options please see below.


Important: Please note that you are responsible for coordinating the port away process with your new provider. 8x8 will not liaise directly with your new provider, but we can assist with the three actions mentioned here to ensure you can submit accurate port requests.

CSR Request

CSR or Customer Service Record is a document which shows what information is registered to your telephone numbers. This can be helpful because when you submit a port request to your new provider you will typically need to provide some details for the numbers you are looking to port, such as the below:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Network Carrier

Globally these requirements are similar, but there are a few countries which can require additional data:

Country Extra Requirement
Italy Migration Code (Codice Migrazione)
Portugal CVP Code

If you are unsure of the port out information for your 8x8 telephone numbers then you can request a CSR by raising a 'porting queries' case through your 8x8 support portal. We will then gather the relevant information and return it to you. For information on the expected lead times for CSR requests please click here.

If your CSR indicates a number is 'not registered' then there is currently no data on record. In this case when submitting the port request to your new provider please submit the data which you want the number registered to in future.


Important: A CSR is not needed for porting away US Toll Free numbers. If you are porting US Toll Free numbers, please provide a copy of your most recent phone bill to your new provider.

Port Out PIN

If you are porting US telephone numbers your new service provider may ask for the PIN registered to your numbers.
In such instances, you can reach out to us via chat and automatically be provided with the required PIN.

Port Out Rejection

When you submit a port request via your new provider you will either receive an acceptance or rejection. In most cases, your port away request will be sent to our domestic network carrier, and not to 8x8 directly. Occasionally your port request may be unexpectedly rejected by our network carrier.

If you receive a rejection on your port away request, and need to check what correction is needed to gain acceptance, please raise a 'porting queries' case through your 8x8 support portal and upload a copy of the rejection.

We will then liaise with our network carrier to understand what change is required for your port away to be accepted.

Carrier Records Update

You may receive a CSR and find that your 8x8 telephone numbers are registered to an outdated address, or are not registered at all. If you would like us to update the address registered to your telephone numbers please raise a 'porting queries' case through your 8x8 support portal and provide us with the address & numbers to update.

Please note, if updating the records you must supply an address in the relevant country (e.g. for UK numbers you must supply a UK address). Additionally, there are some countries which require an address in the local area corresponding to the telephone numbers dial code (e.g. German 089 numbers must be registered to a Munich address). If this applies we will advise when receiving your request.

Finally, there are some countries where no records are held on file so we may be unable to register any data with our network carrier. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible.

2. Finding my 8x8 Bill

If your new provider needs a copy of your most recent 8x8 bill please follow the steps below.

This process is for 8x8 Business users. If you are an 8x8 Express user, click here to learn how to access your bill.

  1. Log into
  2. Select My 8x8 application (User must have My 8x8 and Billing access)
  3. Select the Billing drop down menu and select Billing Statements
  4. Select View for the most recent bill
  5. The highlighted sections in the below image should be sufficient enough to fill out the porting request with your new provider. You also have the option to download the bill if your new provider requests a copy.


3. Removing 8x8 Numbers

After receiving confirmation from your new provider that your port away has been completed you are ready to remove the telephone number(s) from your 8x8 account. For a step by step guide on how to do this please see the following link:

How to remove a number from 8x8 Admin Console

Once you have removed any ported away numbers you can also remove the associated licenses by submitting a cancellation request via your 8x8 support portal.

4. Notifying 8x8

If you are porting telephone numbers away from 8x8 you do not need to notify us of your port away request.

However, if you are also looking to stop the billing for your 8x8 account/services then you do need to submit a request with our cancellations team. For more information on how do this please click here.

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