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VAR/Partner Porting Handbook


This guide is intended to assist our VAR partners with the porting process and to give guidance on when and how to get Numbers ported over.

Applies To

  • US VAR partners


Use the following guides, and links to help you through the porting process to ensure the most success when porting with 8x8. If things are not submitted in the correct way


Do not raise Porting Assist cases from within partner exchange

Before The port

  • Use the Number Transfer Tool on 8x8’s website to confirm portability of customer’s phone numbers.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient licenses in the pbx to port the numbers into (ie, X Series, Additional Number, or Toll Free Number licenses).
  • Make sure you have a list of all the numbers that you intend to port, a Copy of the customers bill and a CSR from each carrier are also recommended to have on hand, and may be required for some port requests
  • Decide which path you would like to take: Self Service, Managed or Custom.
    • For Self Service Porting, submit a port request in Admin Console. Up to 50 numbers are allowed per request.  There is no charge for this service.  A desired port date can be specified.  Updates will be available in Admin Console and communicated via email.  Most rejections can be fixed with self service, but some require assistance from an LNP agent.  Available for numbers in the US.  Use the Managed or Custom Porting options for all other countries. The standard SLA is 7-10 business days assuming all the information is submitted correctly. Once port date is gained port time is between 3am and 5am PST
    • Order Managed Porting to have an 8x8 porting specialist manage the entire porting process.  Order the Managed Local Number Porting SKU in PartnerXchange.  The cost is $5/number with a $50 minimum charge.  A welcome message with instructions will be sent once order is placed.  For larger requests (150+) Custom Porting may be a more cost effective option depending on complexity. Consult with your Account Manager. The standard SLA is 15-21 business days from submission assuming all the information is submitted correctly but can depend on complexity. Once a port date is gained ports can be scheduled between 5am and 3pm PST. Managed Porting is currently only available for US and Canadian local and toll free numbers
      • Please note: Our Managed Porting service is exclusively available for number porting in the USA and Canada.
    • Custom Porting is available for large and/or complicated port requests.  Cost varies based on quantity, number of sites & carriers.  8x8 will provide a statement of work and cost estimate.  An 8x8 porting specialist will manage the entire porting process.  Consult with your Account Manager to schedule a scoping call. The SLA for custom ports depends 
    • Managed porting is included in paid Implementation Services.

Submitting the port

Depending on the service you opt for we offer different guidance for port submission

Self Service Porting

Self service or automated ports have some restrictions in the process

  • For automated porting you must split orders based on the following criteria
    • Each port request must have 50 or less numbers
    • Each port request must only have one area code and prefix (first 6 digits of a phone number)
    • Each port request must only have one Carrier
  • If the following criteria is ignored, the port request will likely see delays, 
  • The Date you select is the "earliest requested date" the actual transfer date may happen on or after that date
  • You can follow this guide for how to submit your port requests in Admin Console

    If these guidelines are not followed, the port request Will be delayed or canceled

Managed or Custom Porting

  • A case will be created for our managed porting team if you purchase outside of deployment once you sign off the sku.

    • Cases are generated within 24 hours after purchasing and then 48 hours for the managed porting to assign 

  • If you have ordered a paid implementation SKU a Managed porting case will not be created instead you will work with the the implementation or deployment agent to gather the appropriate documents and information.


  • Please contact your sales rep/channel account manager to engage the managed porting team to create this case if you will not be working with a Implementation rep and will self deploy as they will need to engage the managed porting team to start the process. 


  • After we have a case and it has been assigned , If we do not hear back from you within a few weeks ( agent will attempt to contact you over this time frame)  we will place the case in a status of pending your response. If it remains in this state for 5 days the case will close out. If this happens and you would like to re-engaged on a paid porting engagement please email with the case number and details and we can clone/reopen the case

What do We need to complete the Managed or Custom ports?
  • Come up with an ideal date for the numbers to transfer over. 
    • Most Number Transfer Projects take between 15 and 21 business days. Keep in mind that while we will try our best, we cannot guarantee any port date until we get confirmation from your carrier(s)
Managed Porting agent response SLA's and escalation path
  • Initial Contact SLA: 2 business days (typically within 1)
  • Inquiry response: 2 business days (typically within 1)

If these SLA's are exceeded or you have an escalated situation, you can follow the escalation path below

  1. Reach out to your port coordinator directly via the case
  2. Call LNP at 1-888-898-8733 and option 4
  3. Email (make sure to include the case number and account name)
  4. Contact Vanessa Robles (LNP Regional Manager) 
  5. Escalate your case via partner portal 
  • If a case is Resolved due to no response a new case will need to be created once you are ready to start porting. Please follow the escalation path and email us to get a new case going. Please provide the closed case for reference
    • We can not keep cases open until you are ready to port due to case load.

Tracking the port

Depending on which service you order, the tracking of your status can be quite different

Self Service Porting

  • You can check the status of the port request in the 8x8 Admin console
  • If you submit a port request and have selected a requested date within 7 days of the submission, you may not get notified that the transfer date was confirmed until the night before
  • It is not uncommon to get a transfer date after the requested date 
  • You will get an email from when either
    • A port fails, with instructions on how to resolve the issue
    • A transfer date is gained, instructing you on what the date is, and what to do on the date of port
  • Contacting LNP Team for your self submission ports
    1. Call LNP at 1-888-898-8733 and option 4
    2. Escalate your case via partner portal 

Managed Porting

Port requests are often processed on the backend before they are submitted into the Admin Console, while the assigned agent will keep you updated, you can either reach out to the agent via email or by posting on the case

Day of port

Numbers porting over can often be stressful, check out these tips for common ways to make it easier


  • Most self service ports happen between 3-5 AM PST, however in some rare cases they can complete as late as 3PM PST that day, however, we are not able to accept requested times for self service porting

  • Managed and Custom ports can request port times but accommodations may be declined based on availability or carrier limitations 

  • Expedites: if you need a date sooner then one that is 15-21 days out. Then once we gain a port date you will need to agree to the expedite fee ( $75- $300 per number ) and provide us the sooner date and we will inform your sales rep to send out an invoice and also proceed with the expedite request

    • Be advised that expedites is just a request and the losing provider can deny the request 


  • You will receive an email once the number transfer process completes
    • Self service porting, that email will come via a system generated email. For managed and custom ports, your porting coordinator will inform you that the transfer is complete, in some cases you may still get the system generated emails as well
  • With Managed and custom Ports the agent assigned will test a portion of your numbers to verify there are no issues with the port

Common configuration issues

  • Numbers not assigned: Any numbers that are not assigned to a user or service will ring busy until they are assigned

  • Auto attendant ringing busy: Most common reasons for auto attendants ringing busy after the port are due to a greeting not being setup, check the Business hours, after hours, lunch and alternate menus to ensure there is a greeting for each

  • Common carrier issues
  • Calls from the losing carrier still route to the old carrier: they may still have record of the phone number on the former provider, we recommend contacting the losing carrier and requesting a scrub if this goes on for more than a few hours
  • Calls from a mobile carrier still route to the old carrier: It often take time for the translations to propagate, try again with a different carrier, or wait a few minutes if this issue is experienced for more than a few hours, we recommend contacting the losing carrier and requesting a scrub