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Virtual Office Team Messaging FAQ
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Virtual Office Team Messaging FAQ

Introducing Team Messaging

What is Team Messaging?

Team messaging is moving conversations from confusing email threads to company-wide collaboration chat rooms that enable cross-team messaging and collaboration. Team messaging improves productivity by:

  • Providing the ability to share files instantly with a room.
  • Supporting invitation to meetings.
  • Acting as a source of Historical knowledge.
  • Notifying individuals with @mentions.

How do I participate in the Team Messaging Beta program?

The Team Messaging Beta is an invitation-only beta program. If you have not already received an invite to this program  please click here to sign-up.

After accepting the invitation, complete the following steps to allow users within your company to begin using Team Messaging features.

  • 8x8 will enable your company’s account to receive access to the Team Messaging feature with 72 hours of sign-up.
  • Following this configuration change, you will receive a Beta Kick-Off letter with additional details about the beta program.
  • Users will need to download and install VOD 5.5 or later and VOM 7.3 or later.

What do I need to know when switching to the New Messaging Experience?

If you are using Virtual Office Mobile 7.2, you already have New Messaging Experience on VOM. If your account was recently configured for New Experience Mode on VOD there are some issues you may encounter at first. See the FAQ on the New Messaging Experience for more information.

Where do I download Virtual Office Desktop and Virtual Office Mobile to participate in the Team Messaging Beta program?

To get the latest version of Virtual Office DesktopClick here to download the latest GA version of VOD (v 5.5).

To get Virtual Office Mobile 7.3 or later: From your mobile device, search for the 8x8 app within the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, and download and install the updated version. Version 7.3 will be rolling out in phases. As a result, users in your organization will receive the 7.3 update over a period of a five to seven days beginning August 1, 2018. During this period, iOS users may be able to get v 7.3 by visiting the App Store and manually updating the app.

How can I start using Team Messaging?

Open Virtual Office Desktop or Virtual Office Mobile, click Messages, and then click the Rooms tab. You will notice the Beta tag on both the applications indicating that this is a beta feature.

What types of rooms I can create?

During the Team Messaging Beta you will be able to create company-wide (Public) rooms. During subsequent updates you will be able to create Private rooms through VOD and VOM. The Beta program will initially only support the creation of company-wide rooms. To see the types of rooms supported on a client version, Go to the Messages tab, select Rooms, click +, then click Create Room and select Room Type to see the options.

How do I create a new company-wide room?

Go to the Rooms tab and click + then Create Room to create a room. During the Beta period users will be able to create only Public rooms.

How do I create a new Private room?

Private Rooms can be created only in VOD v 5.6 or later. Private Rooms are not yet supported on VOM. To create a Private Room, go to the Rooms tab and click + then Create Room to create a room. If available, the user will be able to select Private from the Room Type list. If you are interested in testing Private rooms, you can download the beta version of VOD 5.6 here.

What are the differences between company-wide (Public) and Private Rooms?

Anyone within your organization can join a Public room and contribute to it. To be part of a Private room, you need to be added to the Room member list by an existing member of the room. When searching for a room by name you will see Public Room below the room name for a Public room and Private Room for a room that is private.

Finding and Following Rooms

How do I search and discover a Room by name?

In the search bar, enter the room name. Search results will return matched room names and contact names. The ability to search for a room is only available on VOD v 5.5 and later, and is not yet supported on VOM v 7.3. It will be available in future VOM versions.

What does it mean to follow a room?

Depending on how you choose to follow a room, you will receive notifications on all messages or only messages that you are specifically mentioned in.

How do I follow a room?

Go to the Rooms tab and select a room, or search for a room. Within the room choose the bell icon and select All Messages or When I'm Mentioned to receive notifications  to all messages that are sent to the room or messages that are specifically sent to you, respectively. This feature is available only on VOD v 5.5 and later at this time, and is not yet supported on VOM 7.3. It will be available in future versions of VOM.

How do I receive notifications of new messages in a room?

If you are not in the room conversation window, but you are following a room for all messages, you will receive a desktop or phone notification for each new message that comes in.

How do I leave a room?

You can switch to following the room with When I'm Mentioned, but there is no ability to leave a room. Rooms will drop to the bottom of your Rooms list gradually as new messages are received in other rooms.

Using Rooms

What is the @<user name> function used for?

The @<user name> function, also known as @mention feature, is used to draw the attention of another user within your company and invite them into a Public Room.

What happens if I @mention someone?

You can @mention any 8x8 user within your organization who has logged in to Team Messaging at least once. When you use the @mention feature, the room in which you @mention them will appear as active in their Rooms list, and they will be invited to the Public room they were mentioned in.

How do I see how many unread messages there are for me to read within a room?

Unread message badges are available per room or at the Room list level showing the number of rooms with unread messages. If there are unread messages where you were @mentioned, this will be a separate badge following the @ symbol at the Room list level, or at a per room level.

How do I add someone to a company-wide (Public) room?

To add a user to a company-wide room, @mention the user.

How do I invite people to a meeting when inside a room?

Select the Meet Now option in the room header to send an invite to an unscheduled meeting.

How do I delete a message I have received?

On migrating to New Messaging Experience, you no longer have the ability to delete messages. See the FAQ on the New Messaging Experience for more information.

How long is the room history maintained?

Currently, there is no limit.

Can I send files through rooms?

Yes! On Virtual Office Desktop 5.5 or later, you can send files, links, and screen shots. To send a file, click + in the message field at the bottom of a room. Browse on your machine for the file you want to send and click Open. Add a message in the text field and press Enter to send the file.

Can I use Team Messaging for closed communication between my teammates that I don't want others to read?

Yes. On Virtual Office Desktop 5.6 or later, go to the Rooms tab, click + then Create Room, and set the Room Type to Private. Then add members in the Room Members section that appears, and click Create Room.

What are the current limitations of Team Messaging?

  • Click here to learn more about the limitations of migrating to the New Messaging Experience.
  • Users are unable to create Private rooms in Virtual Office Mobile, but can view and participate in Private rooms created on Virtual Office Desktop v 5.6.
  • Files can only be received on VOM 7.3. The ability to send files in VOM will be added in a later release.


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