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The Fuze Help Menu


Using the Fuze Help Menu.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop


You can perform various actions from the Help menu, such as access our online help, share product feedback, report issues with the product, download Fuze Desktop, and check for product updates.

Fuze Desktop Help Menu.png

Click the ? (question mark) icon to display the following options:

  • Get set up: This option appears when you open Fuze for the first time. It enables you to configure your audio and video settings, add a profile photo, and set up your voicemail. For additional information, refer to Setup Checklist.
  • What's new in Fuze?: Selecting this option will open up a window with information about the features available in the latest version of Fuze. For additional information about Fuze features, refer to What's new with Fuze Desktop and Web or What's New with Fuze Mobile.
  • Get help online: Selecting this option will open up a window in your web browser to the Fuze Help Center. It is our online documentation resource, where you can search and browse for information related to Fuze products, such as: Send us your feedback: Selecting this option will open up an email window with the address fields and subject line pre-populated. You can share suggestions about product features or improvements you would like to see in upcoming releases.
  • Report a problem: If you are experiencing issues with Fuze, you can click this link to report a problem. You will be able to compose a message and provide details about your issue to the Fuze support team. For additional information, refer to Reporting Issues in Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web.
  • Download Fuze Desktop: If you are using Fuze Web, this option will appear. For additional information about installing Fuze Desktop, refer to Installing Fuze.
  • Check for updates: Selecting this option will check to ensure you are running the latest version of Fuze. If an update is available, you will be able to install it. For additional information, please refer to Updating Fuze Desktop.
  • Fuze checkup: Select this option to perform a health check and ensure your Fuze account is set up properly. For additional information, refer to Fuze Checkup.
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