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Searching for a Contact


Search for a contact in Fuze Desktop or Web.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Fuze Web
  • Search
  • Contacts


Use the Search screen to search for contacts and groups. Access the Search screen by clicking the Search field in the Fuze toolbar.

Fuze Desktop Web Search for Contacts.png

Use the View menu to filter search results by Relevance, A-Z (alphabetically), Departments, or by your organization.

You can either narrow the group of contacts that you are searching using the filters in the View menu, or type the contact or group name in the Search people field. 

When you find the correct contact or group, point the cursor to the correct row, then click to open a chat conversation, or click the Message, Video Call, or Call buttons that are displayed to the right of the contact or group name.

Additional Information

For more details about searching for specific content types, see the following articles:

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