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Receiving Calls


Receiving calls with Fuze.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Fuze Web
  • Fuze Mobile


Whether you are currently communicating with someone in Fuze or you are using other applications on your computer, Fuze always notifies you when you receive a call. For details about call notifications, refer to Notifications Settings.

Fuze Receiving Calls1.gif

If you are experiencing issues receiving calls, ensure your audio and network settings are configured properly. Refer to Fuze Checkup for information on testing your Fuze setup.

When you receive an incoming call, you can answer, decline, view the caller’s profile, or send them a chat message using the following buttons that are available:  

Fuze Receiving Calls2.png Answer the call
Fuze Receiving Calls3.png Decline the call
Fuze Receiving Calls4.png View the caller's profile
Fuze Receiving Calls5.png Open a chat conversation with the caller

See Call Queues for details about transfer actions that are available if you are part of a call queue.

If you receive a call when Fuze Desktop is not in focus (running in the background of other applications), a Fuze Calls pop-up window is displayed.

Fuze Receiving Calls6.png

Additional Information

Looking for information on answering a call on Fuze Mobile? Refer to Receiving a Call on Mobile.

Looking for information on accessing your voicemail on Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web? Refer to Accessing Voicemail.

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