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Introduction to 8x8 Billing for Fuze Users


Understand and transition to 8x8 Billing. 

Applies To

  • Fuze Customers Upgrading to 8x8


Understanding Your First Month of Billing

Welcome to 8x8!  As we begin to upgrade you over to the 8x8 platform from Fuze, a new 8x8 account has been created for you and your first month's bill will look slightly different than your monthly reoccurring 8x8 invoice. 

Since a new 8x8 account was created on your behalf, your month one bill will be sent to the email on file and will match your upgrade order that can be found in the orders section of your 8x8 Communities page.


What steps should I take before making my initial payment with 8x8?

  • Continue Paying Fuze Bills: Be sure to continue sending payments for any bills invoiced by Fuze.
  • Set up 8x8 as a Vendor for Payment: Before you proceed with paying your first 8x8 Bill, it's important for your Accounts Payable Department to establish 8x8 as a new Vendor to facilitate the payment process. All the necessary information and forms required for setting up 8x8 as a Vendor can be located here:
  • Opt for Auto-pay: With 8x8, you have the option to ensure timely payments by activating automatic monthly payments through Direct Debit using your bank account or Credit Card (available for US/CAD/GBP). This feature enables us to charge your chosen payment method at the start of each month. Kindly note that customers enrolled in auto-pay won't receive an invoice via email, but they can access their monthly billing statement via the My8x8 Billing Portal. If you wish to update your Payment Method, refer to the Payment Method article for guidance.

Subsequent Monthly Recurring Invoices and Statements

After that first invoice, your monthly invoice will be sent out at the beginning of the next month. In addition to receiving a summary invoice for your monthly service charges via email, you will have the capability to access a comprehensive monthly Billing Statement through the 8x8 Portal. This statement offers further insights into billing details and grants access to download a Usage & Service Summary CSV Report. Please be aware that both an invoice and a statement are applicable only to customers with approved Payment Terms (such as Net 30). For more information, refer to the following articles:


This is a side-by-side view of your Fuze Invoice and your 8x8 Invoice:


The detailed billing statement will be available to you on your My8x8 page on the third of every month.

A sample billing statement can be downloaded here and a video guide is available below.


To engage an interactive walkthrough of the different parts of your 8x8 billing statement, open the file above in a PDF application such as Adobe Reader.

If you have questions regarding your bills, create a billing case and a Billing Agent will assist you.