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How to Pay Bills and Past Dues
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How to Pay Bills and Past Dues

Billing Due Date

Your monthly bill is due on the 2nd of every month.  There is a grace period up to the 15th of the month. If payment is not received by the 15th, there will be a $10 late fee and your 8x8 services may be temporarily suspended. 

Credit Card and ACH Billing Customers

For credit card and bank account debits (ACH), the amount owed is automatically charged or debited, so as long as funds are available, there isn’t anything you need to do. Successfully processed payments are reflected in the next month's billing statement.  If your ACH payment declines, you will need to update your account with a credit card. ACH will be not accepted for any past due amounts.

Invoice Billing Customers

Please make your check out to 8x8, Inc. and mail it to:

8x8, Inc.
Dept. 848080
Los Angeles, CA 90084-8080

On the Memo/Notes line, please include both your Invoice Number and Customer No (found in the upper right portion of your invoice).

Past Due Amounts

If your account has been suspended (or placed on hold), a Past Due message will display when you log in to Account Manager. You will not be able to receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. If you attempt to make an outgoing call, you will hear a message that your account has been disabled.

Invoice Customers: Please contact 8x8 Invoice Billing through our billing team at 1-888-898-8733 or to discuss payment options and restore service if it has been suspended.

ACH and Credit Card Customers:

  • If you are an Account Manager user, please apply your payment online.
  • If you are a Virtual Office Configuration Manager user, please apply your payment online by clicking update.
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